Alan Clement
United Kingdom


The artist who paints under the name ‘Alan Clement’ is Scottish - although he lived in Ireland for many years.  He works from studios in Cheshire and Spain. Clement destroys much of his output and seldom exhibits his paintings outside of his studio space  – the last exhibit being some years ago at the Royal Ulster Academy.


“Alan Clement’s “Pipe" series is evocative and engaging on many 'levels. Its compositional ambiguities, structural harmony and highly sophisticated color is balanced with expressive mark-making. The viewer senses beauty and serenity but also an emotional and intellectual intensity that is sometimes unsettling".


Underlying Alan Clement's large "City Seasons" paintings are complex grids. These echo the presence of horizon lines and gravity as well as the architecture of buildings. Curved lines flicker within the grid, breaking the geometric elements. Occasionally light shines from window structures but human life appears absent”.


“Alan Clement’s series “Stasis” turns towards geometric abstraction with influences including the Irish abstract artist Richard Gorman and the West Coast hard-edge painter Frederick Hammersley - both fellow travellers with Clement in seeking geometric balance and unusual color harmonies”.


'The series "Shorelines" are mostly abstract sand and sea motifs in the square format often favoured by Alan Clement. Memories of a childhood spent in the coastal highlands of Scotland are merged with new softer and cooler pastel colors - sometimes achieved using oil and wax".


Rebecca Crowell MFA

Artist & Author on Art Techniques

Wisconsin, USA









Organic III - Giclee